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Welcome To Bush Babes
Bush Babes About Us

Living in the bush, you can’t help but be influenced by your surroundings. The combination of the old and new, the traditional art of plaiting and modern colours and style is what, I hope, sets my belts apart.

I started plaiting belts in 2005 when my two little boys needed a belt. I realised that it was nearly impossible to buy childrens plaited leather belts and upon discovering that I could buy my leather in gorgeous bright colours and share my new found hobby with others - Bush Babes began.

After starting by making only childrens belts and taking my craft to any garden day, market day or local country show that I could possibly get to, Bush Babes has now ventured into the adult fashion industry by making both ladies and mens plaited leather belts, hat bands, key rings and even brightly coloured reigns for the fashion conscious horse rider.

All Bush Babes Plaited Leather Belts are hand crafted by me from Kangaroo leather that has been tanned, dyed and cut to my specifications. Kangaroo leather is renowned for it’s strength and durability. No other leather can be cut into such fine thongs, yet retain its tensile strength like Kangaroo Leather.

Custom made belts are my specialty. Whether you need a belt with a special buckle to go with your favourite kilt, a belt for that young man whose pants keep falling down or a hot pink belt - just because you want one - my aim is to make you a belt that is perfect for you. You choose the colour, the width, the buckle, the length and the style that you like and I will do my very best to make it for you.

Please browse the Belt Gallery for examples of previously made boys belts, girls belts, ladies belts or mens belts together with some samples of different colours and buckles. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting Bush Babes and have a great day.

Bush Babes About Us


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